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AppalCART provides Paratransit Service to those in need

The AppalCART fleet includes buses with wheelchair lifts and newer "talking" "low floor" buses to better serve persons with disabilities.

If these buses do not meet your needs or you are unable to reach the AppalCART bus stop please ask about our Paratransit Service.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), AppalCART provides Paratransit Service to those eligible passengers
who are unable to ride our intown bus routes serving the general public in Boone.

Paratransit operates only during the times and in the areas served by the regular intown route bus.  It does not travel in other area or at times that the intown bus routes do not operate. (Other services may be available to fill those needs)

If you qualify for Paratransit Service, you and your doctor must complete an application.  
After you receive certification, paratransit rides only require a days notice.

Costs: There is no "fee" to become certified.  After certification, no fee to ride.

Click here to get a printable Paratransit Brochure

Click here to get a printable Paratransit Application


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