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Bus Advertising

Updated  Nov 4, 2016
AppalCART staff will inspect advertising monthly.  Advertising on AppalCART will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.  AppalCART will not be responsible for the theft and/or vandalism or the maintenance of advertising while on the vehicles.
All customers advertising with AppalCART have links from this website to their webpage.
The advertiser pays to have the signs made and AppalCART places it on the vehicle and charges a mileage rate of $.06 per mile, the monthly maximum charge is $150.00 per ad sign.
AppalCART reserves the right to review and approve or disapprove any vehicle signs or decals before placement. Advertisments should be of a reputable character, conform to recognized business standards, and should not conflict with the laws of the United States or of any state. No alcoholic beverages, tabacco, political, or religious advertising will be accepted.
The ad sign is placed on a particular bus, - driver side, curb side or rear - but the bus does not stay on a particular route. May be on the Red Rt. one week and the Green Rt. the next.
The mileage is taken on the first business day of each month, entered into a database that uses that mileage information for many uses, such as, servicing vehicles, miles per passenger, miles per gallon, etc. Invoices are mailed monthly.
Advertising is not allowed in the bus shelters. AppalCART owns some of the bus shelters, some are privately owned.

If you would like to speak to an AppalCART Representive about advertising please click here and select Advertising in the dropdown.

We are currently using Creative Printing and Internet Services, LLC to produce our bus advertising. If you would like create an ad please contact them via phone at (828) 265-2800 or email by clicking here.

The cost of creating your ad will vary based on the complexity of the ad. Below is pricing information based on the size of your ad. Please be aware that there may also be a design fee which will range from $40.00 to around $150.00 based on the complexity of your ad. If you can provide Creative Printing your ad in full sized pdf format at 200dpi there will no charge for design. Material used to make the signs is chloroplast, not foam. Signs have to be able to handle a high-pressure wash.


Size Full Color Signs
56" x 21" $101.00
66" x 21" $105.00
72" x 21" $130.00
72" x 29 3/4" $134.00

Customers With Framed Signs On The Vehicles can be found by clicking here.


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